Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Auto Show

The Honda introduces the Crosstour concept vehicle in Auto show looks less bloat,more butch.Front bumper looks so stylish perfectly patched fog lambs ,and the tail side curvely finished.Honda says the safety system of 2013 crosstour will pack a few more goodies into its cabin than before.Lane departure warning and forward collision warning systems will be available for the first time,as will Honda's new Lane Watch system,which displays objects in the passenger in the passenger-side blind spot on a screen embedded in the passenger-side rear-view mirror.ABS,traction,and stability controls will continue to be standard equipment on the 2013 Crosstour,as will automatic exterior light controls,a rear-view camera,an auto-dimming rear-view mirror,Bluetooth hands-free phone functionality,functions when paired with a smartphone,will be an optional extra.
The new Mercedes - Benz GLK 350 Officially launched in New York auto show2012 car looks bold more power and also heated up "luxury" compare to previous "GL" Serious GLK 350 stance is about a half-inch wider,although at 201.6 inches long and riding on a 121-inch wheelbase.From a safety perspective,all 2013 GLK 350 fitted with ABS and stability control , a collision warning system,and a new crosswind stabilization function incorporated into the electric power steering system.Additional features,including blind spot detection,lane keeping assist,and Mercedes pre-safe Breaking system-which automatically applies the brakes when a collision is imminent - are available at extra cost. 
The RL's successor,previewed by the 2013 RLX Concept shown here, The front fascia looks taller and more powerful than before,and also the foglamps,a single chrome element spans the width of the car above the lower air intake.The interior carries front of dashboard will be dominated by two different LCD displays:an eight - inch unit will likely serve as a gauge cluster,while a seven-inchtouch-screen will be integrated into the infotainment system.Acura announce provides"direct one-touch access"to a number of key systems,including audio,climate,and navigation controls.From a safety perspective,the RLX will include radar-based cruise control and a collision mitigation braking system,forward collision warning,lane departure warning,and a new lane keep assist system as standard equipment.RLX Acura concept vise brings new platform for car world.

    2013 Hyundai Santa Fe and Santa Fe Sport car brings lightweight high-tensile steel,Curb weight has dropped but fuel economy,for the most part,has improved.Hyundai incorporated a few new driver-oriented technologies into the new Santa Fe and Santa Fe Sport,including its new all-wheel-drive system with Torque Vectoring Cornering Control,or TVCC for short.Hyundai's TVCC can distribute torque as needed to any single wheel at any time.Allowing the system to reduce unwanted under-steer or over-steer.Hyundai also Improve steering feel with its new Driver Selectable Steering Mode (DSSM)System on the Santa Fe and Santa Fe Sport. DSSM includes three operating modes - Comfort,Normal,and Sport - that can lower or raise steering effort depending  on the mode.DSSM adjusts not only the assistance level,but also the on-center and in-curve build-up feel,Which Hyundai says will offer "a very natural progressive feel".we'll have to wait 2013 launch and see on that one.
 The 2013 Nissan Altima is not dramatically different from the current car.Even so it's clear that Nissan has paid attention to evolving nearly every element of the Altima.The body structure "deep - draw" metal stamping technique with the abundance of different curves and sculpted character lines on the car's exterior.They develop the interior with modern technologies inside the seat have a feature of Nissan says seats were developed based on data from NASA's research into the skylab space station.Called "Zero gravity" seats,they are designed to be very comfortable and,apparently,are scientifically proven to improve circulation and reduce fatigue on long drives by placing the body in a "neutral"pose.We'll certainly be testing this claim as soon as we get behind the wheel.That brings Nissan wanted the Altima to appear "luxurious". 
Smart is an automotive branch of Daimler AG. It is marked as the "smart"in all lower-case,with the Smart brand logo,as of 2010,denoting a letter "c"for "compact"and an arrow for "forward thinking"Recently launched the new - look smart for two have a fresh design masculine appearance,features of side air inlets, Tridion safety  cell.Any how smart car is shows smart design,safety,speed, color etc... 

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